The Status Quo Ante project began as a few friends were enjoying a quiet summer evening on the back deck; doing what men tend to do: Trying to solve the world’s problems.

We love God. We love his Kingdom. We love history. We love our fellow-saints.

It breaks our hearts to see the church of Jesus Christ infiltrated, undermined, and under constant attack from God’s enemies.

It breaks our hearts to see the walls of Western Christendom broken down and burned with fire.

So like Nehemiah of old, we sat down, wept, and prayed for a season.

Unlike Nehemiah however, we recognized that we have not been specially called by God to gather a remnant and rebuild.

Reconnaissance comes first and, again, that is the purpose of this newsfeed.

It is our earnest hope and prayer that our efforts will wake some people up and open their eyes to the ongoing threat of progressivism in the church, that they might learn to recognize it and resist it wherever they worship Christ each week.

That brings us to the “where” of our struggle… Next >>

Who: Just a few guys who like things the way they used to be.

What: An online reconnaissance mission for the church militant.

Why: We love the church and are grieved to see it infiltrated.

Where: There is no neutral ground and no denomination is safe.

When: The battles we fight today  began a long time ago.

How: Alerting comrades to enemy advances and occasional victories.

See something?

Say something.

Status Quo Ante is an alternative news source for conservative protestants who liked things “the way they were” in the church before the progressive age.

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