We are just a few guys who like the way things were before the progressive age began. That, by the way, is what the Latin phrase “status quo ante” literally means: The way things were.

No, we are not delusionally nostalgic or naive about the imperfections of previous generations. We just long for the ways things once were.

If you were hoping to find our names posted on this webpage, too bad. If we trust you, then you already know who we are. The rest of you will just have to be satisfied with this:

– We are white cis males
– We believe in Jesus Christ
– We love his Church
– We hate progressivism
– We miss the status quo ante

Some will undoubtedly scorn us for operating this newsfeed anonymously, but tactical secrecy is a scripturally-attested practice (e.g., 1 Samuel 16:2, 19:12-17, 21:13; Joshua 2:5, etc.).

The enemy never fights fairly. We have lives to live and jobs to keep. Having Antifa (or the ecclesiastical equivalent thereof) show up on our front lawn is not an acceptable possibility in our minds. We therefore operate anonymously.

Besides, our identity is not really that important. We are not even creating much content on this site. All we are doing is posting links to articles and adding an introductory sentence or two.

One last thing here: You cannot dismiss us as fringe cooks. Almost everyone used to think the way we do. If you were able to sit down for tea with your great-grandfather, you would discover that he thought just like us.

“Who are you?” may be an interesting question to ponder, but it is not the most pressing one. A more pertinent question might be, “What are you hoping to accomplish with this website?” That question, we would be happy to answer. Next >>


Who: Just a few guys who like things the way they used to be.

What: An online reconnaissance mission for the church militant.

Why: We love the church and are grieved to see it infiltrated.

Where: There is no neutral ground and no denomination is safe.

When: The battles we fight today  began a long time ago.

How: Alerting comrades to enemy advances and occasional victories.

See something?

Say something.

Status Quo Ante is an alternative news source for conservative protestants who liked things “the way they were” in the church before the progressive age.

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