This war we keep mentioning – Progressivism VS Conservatism – is being waged everywhere.

Wherever you worship God week-by-week, you need to keep a close watch because the front lines of this battle move daily and there is no demilitarized zone.

That having been acknowledged, it is also simply not possible for us to report on every little skirmish throughout the entire world.

We will also be quick to confess that we have little personal interest in distant battlefields.

The staff at Status Quo Ante is somewhat diverse in terms of having come from varied ecclesiastical backgrounds, but everyone here shares a common Euro-America heritage. Monitoring that particular battlefield will, therefore, be our top priority.

Our rationale for such a narrow focus should not be misconstrued as being overly personal or parochial. Every earthly army is intentionally divided into smaller units with good reason.

Besides that, it is against Euro-American Protestantism that the Progressives have devoted most of their men and munitions for the past 150 years. Our battlefront is, arguably, the hottest.

Furthermore, our scope is not really that narrow; for there is not one Euro-American denomination which is not presently under attack. Fifty years ago (or so), we probably could have afforded to ignore each other, but that time is long passed.

Conservative Lutherans, Reformed, Presbyterians, Baptists, etc. need to realize that the enemy does not see them as separate threats. We are all the same in their eyes. They pine and plot for our final destruction.

There is no neutral zone, so wherever you happen worship week-by-week, do keep a close watch.

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Who: Just a few guys who like things the way they used to be.

What: An online reconnaissance mission for the church militant.

Why: We love the church and are grieved to see it infiltrated.

Where: There is no neutral ground and no denomination is safe.

When: The battles we fight today  began a long time ago.

How: Alerting comrades to enemy advances and occasional victories.

See something?

Say something.

Status Quo Ante is an alternative news source for conservative protestants who liked things “the way they were” in the church before the progressive age.

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