Most conservatives know that they are under attack. However, few seem to understand that all the daily skirmishes they face actually stem from a single philosophical and historical root. What are these skirmishes?

Political Correctness: Suppressing conservative thought through the establishment and enforcement of strict communication codes.

Gender Confusion: Challenging the biological realities of binary gender through feminisminversionandrogyny, etc.

Civil Disorder: Destabilizing societies by agitating unrest between different genders, classes, and races.

We all recognize these as attacks against our traditional way of life, but what modern conservatives need to realize is this: Progressives have been using these same tactics for centuries.

Let’s remember how we got here:

During the 15-17th centuries, the dark age of medieval catholicism was displaced by the light of truth as the people of God returned to the “old ways” of the Holy Apostles. By God’s grace, nearly all Europe was saved and sanctified.

Having lost so much ground through this Protestant Reformation, the Enemy organized and executed an immediate counter attack in the 18th century: The Enlightenment.

This new “reform” movement purposed to undo God’s good work by replacing the recently rediscovered “old ways” with “new ways”. Examples:

– God, replaced by Man
– Scripture, replaced with Science
– Faith, replaced with Reason
– Hierarchy, replaced with Egalitarianism
– Monarchy, replaced with Democracy
– Peace, replaced with Revolution

The Age of Enlightenment was short-lived, but the seeds that were there sown took deep root in the universities and seminaries of Europe, so that during the 19th century, an entire generation of “enlightened” Lutheran, Anglican, and Presbyterian teachers were trained and ordained.

This subversive generation of clerics infiltrated the churches in Europe and, eventually, America.

Today, there is no Euro-American protestant denomination in which the errors of enlightenment progressivism cannot be found. That is why our site sources news from several denominations.

This is not ancient history. It is, by no mean, irrelevant.

The progressives continue their efforts to dismantle all the “old ways” of Western Protestantism, so let us remember the faith of our fathers and, like so many of them, remain true unto death.

This brings us to the “How” of our project… Next >>

Who: Just a few guys who like things the way they used to be.

What: An online reconnaissance mission for the church militant.

Why: We love the church and are grieved to see it infiltrated.

Where: There is no neutral ground and no denomination is safe.

When: The battles we fight today  began a long time ago.

How: Alerting comrades to enemy advances and occasional victories.

See something?

Say something.

Status Quo Ante is an alternative news source for conservative protestants who liked things “the way they were” in the church before the progressive age.

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