So how can a few guys with a cheap website stand against the principalities and powers of progressivism? Or, thinking on more locally, how can a few faithful members of a local church guard both pulpit and pew from the ideological poison of progressivism?

Christian conservatives are quickly becoming a minority, but let us never lose hope.

We need, first of all, to trust in the living God who drowned Pharaoh and his host in the Red Sea, routed Sisera and all his army by the sword, defeated sin, death, and Hell at Calvary, and who will soon cast the Great Deceiver of the nations into the bottomless pit of Hell.

Secondly, and after hope has been firmly established in our hearts, we need to hold fast to what we love. If you like the way things were, then do not let them go.

Our fathers and grandfathers in the faith were not “on the wrong side of history”. They were not perfect men, but they were perceptive enough to recognize the poison of progressivism and refused to imbibe.

Treasure their ways. Teach them to your children. Take up their time-tested faith like a shield; that you may be able to quench all the flaming arrows of the old serpent as he continues to light up the night sky with his lies.

Status Quo Ante will help by alerting you to incoming fire from the enemy in your particular denomination. What you do with that information is ultimately up to you.

We cannot fight for you. We are just an intel unit. We need to keep our heads low and our transceivers tuned.

Someday, perhaps, we may need to stand together in some literal sense. If that day comes, we promise to join you with the Sword of the Spirit in hand. For now, however, you will just need to hold your own line. 


Who: Just a few guys who like things the way they used to be.

What: An online reconnaissance mission for the church militant.

Why: We love the church and are grieved to see it infiltrated.

Where: There is no neutral ground and no denomination is safe.

When: The battles we fight today  began a long time ago.

How: Alerting comrades to enemy advances and occasional victories.

See something?

Say something.

Status Quo Ante is an alternative news source for conservative protestants who liked things “the way they were” in the church before the progressive age.

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